Bondi Junction Blocked Toilet

  • William Demirdonder
  • January 9, 2021
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We received a call from one of the real estate groups that we are servicing with in Bondi Junction to attend to a blocked toilet. The tradesman prepared all the tools and equipments to unblock the toilet. We reported on site and carried out a complimentary site inspection.


The tradesman investigated the cause of the blocked sewer in the main bathroom on the ground floor. He has made contact with the property manager confirming the toilet needs to be removed and notifying him there is a chance of the toilet suite cracking on removal. Josh was successful in removing the toilet suite and used a high-pressure jet blaster and CCTV camera down sewer line to clear blockage. Finding large amounts of toilet paper to be causing the blockage. After reinstalling the pan Josh has found there has been installed a 60 mm offset pan collar. He has also noticed the outlet on the pan itself is only 70mm. This is only allowing around 30% of drainage to flow through the pan collar. To complete the job and have a guaranteed fix we need to remove this pan and replace it with a standard extra pan and a standard ceramic or plastic cistern. 


We were able to unblock the toilet with the procedures made above and tested upon completion. We have notified the strata to make sure that a maintenance plan every 6 to 12 months is important to make sure that the equipments will work at full efficiency and will avoid emergency repair calls.