Kingsford Gutter Cleaning

  • William Demirdonder
  • December 1, 2020
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We received a work order from one of the strata groups that we are currently working with. They wanted us to do gutter cleaning as they have reported that they are experiencing blockages on the gutter and downpipes. We immediately prepared all the materials needed for gutter cleaning and unblocking the blockages including the use of a commercial ladder.


Josh, our senior plumber, has attended to the site and used a CCTV to inspect the ground drainage. We have advised the strata manager that the line is in its worst condition. The other tradesmen used the commercial ladder to access the roof and found out that the existing copper gutter in this local area is blocked with dirt and other debris. Having this weight within the gutter has caused the gutter to sag out of place. We have cleaned out this section of gutter and flushed down the pipe.


The tradesmen successfully cleaned out the gutters and removed the blockages. We have noted to the strata manager to carry out a preventive maintenance check in another 6-12 months to avoid additional blockages and unforeseen roof leaks.