Strata Water Leak In Clovelly

  • William Demirdonder
  • January 30, 2021
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We were advised by a strata blocked in Clovelly to investigate and repair a leak in a water meter under the low hedge inside of the fence in one of the units of the building which has a small leak. Emily, our director, immediately called James to report on site.


Once onsite, James found out that there appears to be a large water leak at the front of the property. On initial inspection James met with residents on-site and quickly located a burst pipe to be on at the Coldwater inlet to the property. Small excavation is required near the water meter to give him complete access to this line. Calling in a pipe freezing specialist to allow us time to cut out the damaged area and replace the control valve. Once the pipe-freezing team has arrived James have notified residents that water will be isolated until works are further completed. Freezing section of pipework cutting out 25 mm copper inlet and 25 mm jump valve. Installation of new jumper valve in the desired location connecting onto existing water meter will also be done.


Upon completion of works, testing for leaks and backfilling the area has been done. James also removed all associated rubbish offsite. We have notified the strata committee to keep in touch with us every 6 to 12 months to have a preventive maintenance check in order for us to check and maintain the efficiency of all plumbing-related equipments.