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    The pipe relining community is growing rapidly so it’s important to choose the relining company offering the very best pipe relining solutions for you. Our trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology is backed by a 50 year life expectancy. Using our no-dig trenchless pipe repair technique we can renew old pipes by relining the internal walls of your existing drains without the need for any costly excavation. The days of destroying your beautiful garden, driveway or pavers are no more with making us the #1 McMahons Point pipe relining company of choice for eastern suburbs locals.

    Using the state-of-the-art technology, , we can use a two-part epoxy liner, which is pulled through the pipe and expanded to leave a hard fibreglass shell, once its cured this can’t be penetrated by roots. Although only relatively new to Australia, pipe relining has been tried and tested overseas for years and is backed by our 35 years warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your broken pipes will be in top shape for years to come.

    We use only the leading products from Germany called Brawoliner® for our inversion pipe relining as it’s been tried and tested overseas for so many years. Having great products is not enough, we also have invested in training overseas and state of the art trucks specifically designed for pipe relining McMahons Point works and all aspects of pipe relining solutions people encounter for sewer repairs.

    Eastern suburbs is home to some of the oldest buildings in the McMahons Point. Pipes can be old, heavily damaged and out of date. Ask us how we can help you repair your pipes today without damaging your property.

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    Proximity Plumbing - Sydney Pipe Relining

    Proximity Plumbing - Sydney Pipe Relining...

    Proximity Plumbing No Dig Rehabilitation Process

    Proximity Plumbing No Dig Rehabilitation Process...

    Proximity Plumbing Rehabilitation Process

    Proximity Plumbing Rehabilitation Process...

    Types Of Pipes That Can Be Relined For McMahons Point Properties

    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Asbestos-Cement.jpg Asbestos & Cement Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Cast-Iron-Copper.jpg Cast Iron & Copper Popes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Pool.jpg Pool Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Stormwater-Sewer.jpg Storm Water & Sewer Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-PVC.jpg PVC Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Earthenware.jpg Earthenware Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Pressure.png Pressure Pipes
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Pipe-Types-Down.jpg Down Pipes

    Why Choose Us For Pipe Relining McMahons Point Pipes?

    Despite what others may tell you, not all relining is the same and it’s important to ask your preferred reline installer if their products are watermarked. A watermark certification is a mandatory certification for relining products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use.

    • A Certified Brawoliner Installer And Trained At Brawoliner®

    • No Obligation Free Quotes.

    • Over A Thousand + Successful Jobs For Clients Within The Eastern Suburbs.

    • One Of Few Plumbers Who Successful Carry Out Relining For Other Plumbers.

    • We Honour Our Work By Returning Each Year $0 To Carry Out CCTV Audit.

    • We provide you with a report outlining the recommendations to remedy the problem using relining or dig up replacement methods.

    • We discuss their options for immediate works if required.

    • We provide annual inspections and ongoing maintenance on our completed works so they know that their investment is safe.

    If the product does not comply with Australian Standards AS3500 and there is an issue with the liner or product and the product fails, the client is not covered.

    McMahons Point Pipe Relining Process

    In the past, if you wanted to repair a pipe you had to dig. A messy, time-consuming, and costly exercise. Now, you can by-pass all that thanks to Pipe Relining, also known as trenchless pipe lining or trenchless sewer repair. Simply put, Pipe Relining creates a pipe within the existing pipe.

    The days of digging up the yard, jackhammering, disrupting (and rebuilding) your home’s structure are done. Pipe Relining means you can “line” an existing pipe, where they are. As long as the pipe is structurally sound, we can reline the pipe! Here’s our simple mess-free process:

    relining service image

    We Investigate

    Before we begin the trenchless pipe repair, we look thoroughly into your existing pipes to find out exactly what the problem is.

    relining service image

    We Clear

    After a thorough investigation, we clear the pipe of any debris using state of the art technology.

    relining service image

    We Reline

    We use the Brawoliner® Pipe Relining epoxy bladder to pipe reline the existing pipe.

    relining service image

    We Cure & Cut

    We expand the relining bladder and let it set for a few hours. That’s it, your pipe is now relined.

    relining service image

    We Clean

    Before we begin the trenchless pipe repair, we look thoroughly into your existing pipes to find out exactly what the problem is.

    McMahons Point Pipe Relining Specialists Providing Complimentary Quotes. Call Us Now For Free Consultation:

    Icon Phone 0420 102 394

    The difference between Us & Other Pipe Relining Companies

    Pipe Relining with
    Proximity Plumbing

    • No Digging or Excavation
    • Can reline any type of pipe
    • Prevents Root Intrusion & Infiltration
    • No Bulky Equipment for installation
    • Warranty Underwritten by insurer
    • Annual Complimentary Inspections
    • Product Warranty - 35 years
    • materials Engineered specifically for relining
    • Install time - 1 day (average)

    Other Generic
    Relining Technology

    • No Digging or Excavation
    • Can reline any type of pipe
    • Prevents Root Intrusion & Infiltration
    • No Bulky Equipment for installation
    • Warranty Underwritten by insurer
    • Annual Complimentary Inspections
    • Product Warranty - 10-15 years
    • Cheaper materials to lower cost
    • Install time - 2 days (average)

    A Cost-Effective Pipe Repair Solution

    Traditionally, replacing and repairing pipes comes with mess, time and a sizeable bill. With our Pipe Relining McMahons Point service, your pipes can be relined within a couple of hours. It’s a modern and wonderful solution to many pipe issues PLUS will save you time, stress and money. With Pipe Relining you can:


    Save The Headache

    Save yourself the headache of ripping up floors and walls. There is no need for mess in or outside the home with McMahons Point!


    Save The House

    Good new, our McMahons Point services can save the destruction of the backyard. The rose garden can stay!


    Save Time

    With no need to excavate up and through your property, the process of relining your pipes is relatively fast!


    Save Money

    With McMahons Point being a relatively fast solution, there are less billable hours to charge – plus it’s a more cost effective solution than replacing an entire drainage system.


    Save Future Plumbing Issues!

    McMahons Point is a long-term solution. So over time, you should not have to deal with blocked drains and cracked pipes.


    What Are The Advantages Of Pipe Relining?

    • No digging or excavation required.

    • Faster and more affordable than open construction.

    • 4 x stronger than a standard PVC pipe

    • Our piping has a 50 year life expectancy.

    • Works for sewer pipe repair as well as stormwater, earthenware, copper asbestos,

    • PVC and cast-iron pipes.

    • Guaranteed for 35 years

    • Keeps out all tree roots.

    • Reduced impact on the environment.

    Before Pipe Relining
    After Pipe Relining

    The Proximity Pipe Relining Guarantee

    From the day of installation, the team at Proximity Plumbing offers you a 35 YEAR GUARANTEE on our McMahons Point work.

    • Whats Covered - Your 35 year guarantee covers the pipe lining systems inserted into the section of pipe that Proximity Plumbing previously worked on.

    • When there’s an issue - If any unexpected drainage issue pop up in the 35 years after installation our team will fix it for FREE if we find that it’s caused by defective McMahons Point installation.

    • What’s not covered - If you’ve had your relined pipes worked on by another plumber then unfortunately your warranty is voided. We can only guarantee our own work, so please call us first if any issues arise.

    • Your FREE annual check-up - Our McMahons Point is world class and built to last. But that doesn’t mean we set and forget it. So we’re offering a yearly inspection FREE OF CHARGE. Call us to book yours today.

    What’s Involved With Pipe Relining?

    involved pipe

    Inversion Pipe Relining

    Inversion McMahons Point uses a special inversion drum to blow the liner into the pipe. This utilises compressed air to not only insert the liner into the pipe, but to also invert it (so it becomes inside out). Once this process is complete, the inside of the liner that has the resin impregnated is now on the outside and pressed against the original pipe using compressed air.

    involved pipe

    Pipe Patching​

    Sectional pipe repair or ‘pipe patching’ is fast becoming a popular alternative to digging up tree root infested, damaged, misaligned or broken pipes. It’s fast, permanent and ideal for smaller leaks or cracks in your pipes that don’t need to be completely replaced.

    involved pipe

    Pipe Rehabilitation

    Pipe rehabilitation is that aspect of trenchless rehabilitation that undertakes the repair or replacement of sewer and water pipelines that run under ground.

    involved pipe

    Junction Repair Pipe Relining

    The Satellite repair system is used for repairing cracked junctions. It inflates a resin, impregnated bladder into the shape of the desired junction and cures it with the aid of circulated steam.

    involved pipe

    Robotic Cutting

    A robotic cutter is a specialized drainpipe tool with a diamond impregnated steel cutting head that can cut through obstructions with ease. The robotic cutting head is attached to an air hose that is inserted inside the pipe where it spins around and grinds away the obstruction

    involved pipe

    Pipe Service Locating

    Our Technicians are skilled in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar technology to locate underground utilities and provide a graphic image of the subsurface.

    Get A Free Pipe Relining McMahons Point Inspection & Quote!

    Pipe relining cost per metre can be anywhere from $500 to $1200. the price of the job will depend on factors such as accessibility, risk, the size of the pipework, the length of the problem area and the number of junctions. to provide an accurate quote, a site inspection is mandatory which includes a CCTV camera audit.

    Proximity Plumbing is local, we know the expectations and the fears from upcoming clients who have the general negative stigma surrounding our trade and being ripped off. We back our level of service so much and appreciate that first impressions count, so we ensure no obligation and $0 Call Out.

    We can also afford to do this as we are local and attending your job is not going to take long as we are usually servicing the needs of our community. Once we are onsite, we provide a quote for your pipe relining needs. Often there is more than one way to tackle any issue, so we even go to the effort of providing more than one option for each service.

    Providing great service, quality workmanship, and expert advice to our customers is the top priority for Proximity Plumbing. ‘$0 call-out fee’ means that we do not charge you to arrive at your door, between business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Before we start any work, an upfront fixed price will be discussed, this ensures no surprises or hidden costs at the end of each job.

    If Your Drain Needs Pipe Relining, CALL US NOW. Our McMahons Point Plumbers Can Find The Solution That Best Serves Your Needs.

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    We Specialise In The Following Services

    Our Master Plumbers can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘pipe relining near me’, why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today.

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