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William Demirdonder

William is the Director of Proximity Plumbing, William was born and raised in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Growing up as a Local in Vaucluse, William Demirdonder attended Waverley College as a teenager and spent most of his spare time either at Bondi Beach, socialising with mates, or working.

Starting in the workforce at the age of 14, William always understood the value of hard work and money. His first job was at McDonald’s on Bondi Beach. As the years went on he moved through different roles and started his plumbing apprenticeship during Year 12.

William completed four years of his apprenticeship with a local plumber from the area until he earned his journeyman certificate.

After completing his Certificate of Plumbing, where he learned all the fundamentals of plumbing and customer service, William went on extending his experience and challenging himself. He moved on to high rise development, where his leadership skills would shine and grow.

Working on Barangaroo as one of the first plumbers on site, William Demirdonder was able to be part of a bigger team and grow as a leading foreman onsite. During the two years, William was able to lead the plumbing team on Towers One & Two for the high-end residential suites on offer.

During this demanding time, where 6-7 day working weeks was the norm, William would also study at night to finish his Advanced Diploma and successfully graduate to earn his Plumbing Licence.

Once the six years were completed, William immediately registered and started the journey of Proximity Plumbing at the age of 24, establishing himself as an honest and reliable local plumber within the Eastern Suburbs whose services can be relied upon by his local clients.

Fast forward to today, Proximity Plumbing is a leading Eastern Suburbs Plumbing group with over 25 years of industry experience servicing all requirements of plumbing and maintenance.

If you would like to know more about William’s journey and how he has developed a boutique plumbing company, he would be happy to share this over a coffee.

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