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Our Same Day Service

Our Same Day Service

Proximity Plumbing is an established local & community plumbing company which understands the requirements and importance of its clientele.


If you call before 11am, we guarantee not only to be on-site within an hour but to complete whatever the task is before the end of the day even if our team have to work back to get the job completed.

At Proximity Plumbing we are a local 24/7 committed Same Day service business.

The beauty of being a local plumber is we are never too far, we strictly only cater for the Eastern Suburbs, this allows us to keep to our promise and nurture our clients.

We promise to exceed your expectations whether it is a small job of a leaking tap or large job as a new water rerun as we believe it’s imperative, we deliver our brand promise. Leveraging off our team and fully equipped trucks, we’ll treat your emergencies as our priorities in every instance.

As we have invested in our branded trucks you can also be reassured, we don’t need to waste time in between jobs collecting materials. We are always stocked and ready to get stuck into any job that presents itself, we also can rely on our support warehouse that is based in the Bellevue Hill, Eastern suburbs and is used to store the bigger items like hot water heaters, excavation equipment and emergency roofing repair equipment.

Whatever the issue is your local and trusted team at Proximity Plumbing have you covered!

Call Emily or Jilliane today on 02 9388 7292 for an appointment.

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