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    We’re Here For All Your After-Hours Plumbing Needs As Kensington Emergency Plumbing Specialists

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    If you are in a true plumbing emergency, we suggest you call Proximity Plumbing, your local Kensington plumber now. We are the local plumber Kensington trusts for all 24 hour emergency plumbing needs and when you call our team you’re speaking to a real plumber now not a call centre as we appreciate any after-hours job request requiring urgent attention.

    When you’re in a true 24/7 emergency situation you want to know that when you call you’re going to be greeted by a local plumber who has the experience and capability to address your issue from the moment you call. Someone who is licensed and based within the Eastern Suburbs and someone with a vehicle that is fully-equipped to provide high-quality solutions in a emergency plumbing disaster.

    Although many plumbers in Kensington cover all Kensington plumbing emergencies we stick within the Eastern suburbs which is where we are based and can provide superior service as your local plumber can guarantee 24 hour plumbing services as standard.

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    Proximity Plumbing on 0420 102 394 for an immediate response. We’ll guide you to safely control the situation while one of our expert master plumbers is dispatched to the site.

    Some Tips Before Calling Us


    What you can do before calling us

    What you can do before calling us...

    When to call in the professional

    When to call in the professional...

    The Eastern Suburbs local plumbers

    The Eastern Suburbs local plumbers...

    Are You Experiencing Any Of These Emergency Plumbing Problems?

    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/No-Hot-Water-Rheem-1.jpg No Hot Water
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Burst-Pipe.jpg Burst Pipe
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Work-Health-Safety-Drains-1.jpg Overflowig Sewer
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Emergency-Gas-Repairs.jpg Gas Leaks
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Roof-Leak.jpg Roof Leaks
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Water-Efficency-Test.jpg Leaking Taps
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Leaking-Waste.jpg Water Leak
    https://proximityplumbing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/James-Tree-Roots.jpg Emergency Blocked Drain

    Behind Every Strong Man Is A Stronger Woman

    Hi, my name is Emily and I am the co-owner of Proximity Plumbing along with my husband William, we all know behind every strong man is a stronger woman. Having great plumbers is one thing although it is the woman’s touch that keeps this team together. As a small to medium business we pride ourselves on excellent customer service from the initial point of contact to the completion of the job. I wanted our company to be different from every other Kensington plumber breaking the negative stigma associated with local plumbers in general.

    This starts with personally taking each phone call, my passion is resolving your issue and dispatching our closest available plumber to your plumbing emergency for example an emergency blocked drain. When you’re thinking of a plumber near me, we want to ensure you’re thinking of us as a local plumber who can be relied upon and trusted.

    As only a woman would appreciate, I can multitask easily and keep my phone on and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls. Being married to a local Eastern Suburbs plumber you would be surprised how much knowledge I have. I have even created the chatbot on the right-hand side, so even if you do not have time for a phone call you can reach out and I will personally respond.

    What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    No Hot Water

    Usually, you can restore hot water by checking the power and gas to your heating source.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Burst Pipes

    If you know where your water meter is, we suggest isolating the water immediately.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Overflowing Sewer

    In most cases, you could call Kensington water and check if there is an issue with the common area.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Gas Leaks

    If you smell gas, we suggest you immediately open all windows and locate your gas isolation valve.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Roof Leaks

    You can often find a common cause for roof leaks is blocked gutters and downpipes.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Leaking Taps

    If you find you cannot isolate your taps, do not force it! Instead, give us a call on 0420 102 394.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Water Leak

    It may be a mystery to you, but for us, finding water leaks is second nature.

    Do In A Plumbing Emergency

    Emergency Blocked Drains

    Depending on which drain is blocked, you can often use household items to first try to clear it.

    Kensington Emergency Plumbing Specialists Providing 24 hour Plumbing service Call Us Now

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    Why Choose Us As Your Local Eastern Suburbs Emergency Plumber?

    • When it comes to an emergency and you’re thinking of “plumbers near me”, it pays to call a plumber with experience in identifying the cause and effect of the issue immediately. For the team at proximity plumbing, it’s almost second nature knowing how and where to tackle the issue often without even being to site.

    • Our 24-hour 7-day service is a standard, as we want clients to know we can be relied upon when the time comes. Too often a plumber is called under stressful circumstances, but we aim to reduce this as much as possible with our reliability and professionalism.

    • When you call you are not connected to an automated answering machine service, you are speaking to one of your dedicated on-hand professionals. One of the reasons customers always return is our friendly nature, knowledge, passion, and integrity. We pride ourselves on our service and the relationships we build with our customers.

    • With 25 years of collective experience in Kensington works alone, there has not been a job we could not address, for example, a burst pipe or gas leak which is often one of the reasons we get a call. Many plumbers would rush out to get to your property without first attempting to assist you in finding your nearest isolation tap. This advice and assistance alone can ultimately save your hundreds if not thousands and dollar in damages and after-hours service calls.

    • Another common emergency call-out we receive is blocked or clogged drains which can be caused by something as simple as an excessive hair in your shower drain or as dramatic as a sudden surge in stormwater causing your pits and downpipes to overflow and roof to leak. Have you recently checked if the hair is caught inside your drains, 9/10 you can resolve the issue by pulling apart your waste connection beneath?

    • We’re the plumber Kensington residents trust for over 10 years, our local plumbers have a competitive advantage as we can guarantee 30’mins response times and legitimately check your issues with a $0 call out. If you’re looking for a local Kensington plumber based within the eastern suburbs, why not call an actual local, it only makes sense right? I hope after using us, you’re a client for life and the next time you think of an emergency plumber eastern suburb you think of us.

    What’s the Difference Between Plumbers Ripping You Off & Plumbers That You Can Trust?

    It’s late at night and you type in to google ‘emergency plumber near me’ or ‘Emergency plumber Kensington

    It’s late at night and you type in to google ‘emergency plumber near me’ or ‘Emergency plumber Kensington” We know when you have a flooding home you just want someone to attend the site as soon as they can to fix the Kensington issue, but you need to remember to not fall into the trap of plumbers with bad reputations. Follow our 5 steps to avoid a bad plumber when searching for an emergency plumber or emergency blocked drain:

    • 1

      Don’t fall for ‘Ads’ promoting they are an emergency plumber on the top of google search offering ridiculously cheap prices to get your attention.

    • 2

      Check their Google reviews & ensure they are a reputable company that is licensed & insured for plumbing.

    • 3

      Let’s face it we know emergencies can be costly but don’t fall for plumbers who promise you a $0 call out after hours. In our experience, you should question any plumber who doesn’t have an emergency call-out fee.

    • 4

      Ensure they are locally based – you don’t want to find yourself calling someone that lives more than 30 minutes away for an Kensington job, local plumbers can often respond quicker.

    • 5

      Ensure you check out their website to see they are genuine plumbers that are suited for an Kensington job.


    Most Common Kensington Plumbing Emergency Situations

    Common Plumbing Emergency Situations

    Emergency Blocked Drains

    Kensington blocked drains are more common than you would think so it is necessary to discuss options and solutions before dispatching a local plumber to your home. We often find blocked drains Eastern Suburbs are considered an Kensington issue so it’s important to contact a specialist that has the experience and tools to diagnose the issue and respond appropriately.

    Common Plumbing Emergency Situations

    Emergency Gas Fitting

    Don’t let a suspected gas leak in your home turn into an emergency, we are the Gas Fitter Kensington trusts for all emergency gas repairs or general installation. Gas leaks can be dangerous so it’s best not to hesitate and call your local emergency plumber who is a licensed gas fitter.

    Common Plumbing Emergency Situations

    Emergency Hot Water Repairs

    It may come as a surprise but often clients who call our emergency hot water hotline find that we can prevent after-hours call outs with our general advice. There is nothing worse than a cold shower early in the morning, but we can guarantee same day hot water for clients looking for a hot water system Repair or Replacement In Kensington.

    Common Plumbing Emergency Situations

    Emergency Burst Pipe

    Any Kensington plumber knows when they get a call regarding a burst pipe, it’s best to try to assist over the phone first and help the client locate the nearest isolation valve. Often just giving this small crucial piece of advice can save thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. A burst pipe can cause a large amount of water to spread rapidly. Before calling us look for your nearest isolation tap.

    If Your Emergency Is Plumbing, CALL US NOW. Our Kensington Plumbers Can Find The Solution That Best Serves Your Needs.

    Icon Phone0420 102 394

    Our Recent Emergency Plumbing Jobs

    Water Pipe Replacement
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    10:40am 18/01/2021
    Water Pipe Leakage
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    5:14am 18/01/2021
    Water New Pipe Replacement
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    6:49am 18/01/2021
    Water Pipe
    “Lightning fast to get my place and fix a bathroom nightmare that two order plumbers couldn’t. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
    Dee Dee - Rosebay
    7:28am 18/01/2021

    We Specialise In The Following Emergency Plumbing Services

    Our Master Plumbers can help you with any plumbing requirements. From repairs and replacements, through to new installations, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive plumbing service at competitive prices. So, if you’re looking for a ‘emergency plumber near me’, why not give Proximity Plumbing a call today.

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