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    Still, relying on baking soda and boiling water to unclog your sink basin? Stop wasting time, and call the clogged sink plumbing experts! There’s only one blocked sink Sydney wide plumbing service you can trust. With on-time clogged sink repairs, we’re never too late to rescue you. Whether your bathroom basin sink has a hair blockage in the drain or your kitchen sink drain pipe is clogged with food scrap, we provide honest, up-front quotes to keep things transparent and fair.

    Clogged sink drains can make the necessities of daily life arduous. It’s hard to brush your teeth and wash your hands when the bathroom sink is clogged up. If the kitchen sink is clogged or slow draining you will struggle to wash the dishes or clean fruit and vegetables. People take these every day activities for granted, until there is a clogged drain. But clogged bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks can often be cleaned easily.

    The build up of oils and fats will create a barrier inside your pipelines which can cause a barricade. Water will struggle to flow smoothly down the sink drain which may lead to bad odors and potential flooding. Having a blockage in the kitchen sink is not an ideal issue to go through and can cause major plumbing problems for you. Not dealing with clogs in your drain pipe may lead to costly repairs in the future.

    What’s Blocking My Kitchen Sink?

    If you ask people what sink in their home is most likely to become blocked, many will no doubt answer that it is their bathroom sink, but many more will likely answer that it is their kitchen sink. See, if you compared both bathroom and kitchen sinks, you will find that bathroom sinks are exposed to relatively little that can result in clogs. Sure, soap scum or hair can clog a bathroom sink, but besides that, all that goes down your typical bathroom sink is soap and water.

    A kitchen sink, on the other hand, is exposed all sorts of different things that could potentially result in a clog. Therefore, the kitchen sink seems to end up clogged so often. You have grease, fat, oil, food scrapings, soap scum, and more. All of this gets thrown down kitchen sinks even though much of it should not be. So, if you have a clogged kitchen sink and are wondering why it is clogged, then you can stop scratching your head. In this post, we are going to go through all the various things that could potentially clog a kitchen sink and how to avoid having clogs appear in the future.

    How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

    A clogged kitchen sink is often caused by organic matter such as food scraps, coffee grounds and oil. It can also be caused by other materials, such as teaspoons or toothpicks, accidentally falling down the drain. Similarly, to bathroom sink drains, the warning signs include slow draining water and gurgling sounds in the pipes.

    A method we often ask clients to implement before booking us in is a simple but affected method for minor blockages. Pour one cup of fresh baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar. Place a rubber stopper or other sink hole cover over the drain opening.

    Wait 15 minutes to allow the vinegar and baking soda to unclog your drain, Then take out the drain cover and run hot tap water down the drain to clear the clog. Note often this method will work on small blockages. If this doesn't work its probably best to call your local kitchen sink plumber as soon as possible.

    How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink

    If water drains from your bathroom sink slower than usual, a clog in the drain could be developing. Hair and soap scum build up over time in your sink drain. Even a slowly draining sink can cause standing water to develop.

    Bathroom sinks drains are susceptible to blockages from a variety of things. Common debris that goes down a bathroom sink and causes clogs include hair, soap scum, dental floss and cotton buds. When these items get washed down the drain they can get caught in the pipework and accumulate over the years.

    A slow draining bathroom sink is the first sign that a clog may be forming in the pipes. If the water isn’t draining as well as normal don’t, ignore it. Your chances of cleaning a bathroom sink drain without needing to call a plumber are highest when you act quickly, before the blocked drain becomes a major issue.

    Other warning signs of a blocked bathroom sink include a bad smell coming from the drain opening or gurgling sounds in the pipes when the water drains. Read how to unclog a bathroom sink below.

    What Happens If Oil Goes Down Drain?

    Fats, oils and grease do not go down the drain. Once they cool in the sewer they quickly solidify, sticking to the walls of pipes and clogging them up. If they mix with other items, such as wet wipes then blockages can occur even faster. Cooking oil should never be poured down the drain. This is because fats, oil and grease congeal and solidify to form blockages. Waste Cycle explains: “Even if you break down the oil with soap and hot water, it can re-solidify once it cools down and cause drain pipes and sewers to get blocked.

    Oil or grease from cooking oils are normally thick in consistency and can solidify into fatty deposits once it is cooled. Those will stick to pipes and drain ways. And the more cooking oil or oils such as bacon grease that is washed down the sink, these fatty deposits can grow over time. Once oils and fats have been in your drains for long enough, they can build up a stink that needs to be fixed. It is important to get onto this quickly.

    Your drainage will be filled with clogs which will restrict water flow and create a problem in your household/ Water will eventually begin to back up out of the sink and you are at risk of water damage to your home. Not to mention the frustration of a slow draining sink and stinky drain area! We can show you how to take care of a drain that is filled with oils and fats. No need to call a Plumber Sydney, these steps and tips can be carried out simply with household products.

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