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    A gas leak should always be taken seriously. If it’s ignored, not only would it affect your health, but also increase the risk of fire. When you have reason to suspect a leak, you need to call in the experts immediately. While the gas leak is easy to sense, it’s not really easy to pinpoint where it comes from. You need people who have experience in gas leak detection to find the problem and deal with it quickly.

    Gas leak detection is a vital procedure, which should never be delayed both for safety purposes and to save fossil fuels and money. A gas leak detector will probably find the gas leak and assist a professional gas plumber in repairing it. Also, a pressure test can be performed on the line. A gas bill that is excessive or inflated compared to the earlier bills or a faint lingering smell is the common indicator that you may need a gas leak detection and repairs service.

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    How To Find A Gas Leak

    One of the first ways and most common ways to detect a gas leak is by its smell. A gas leak smell will have a very strong odour. Special care should be taken as too often people will confuse the smell of gas for something else. Another way to find signs of a gas leak is by using a soap solution to detect it. Once you mix the soap solution apply it to the joints on the LPG pipes and this will confirm if there is a leak.

    Plumbers also have special equipment to assist with this process. For cases where the leak is present at the valve the standard soap test may not work and it will be necessary to call the services of an expert. Finally, you may not be able to locate all the plumbing supplies that are necessary for detecting gas leaks. Keep in mind the process is usually complex and will require the experience of a professional to be successful. All homes and business owners should have a gas leak detector installed.

    What To Do If You Smell Gas Or Sense Gas Leak?

    • First, you need to turn off all your gas supply/connection.
    • Turn off all your gas appliances in your home including gas cooking appliances, heaters and hot water unit (including the pilot).
    • Find your gas meter – the gas meter is normally located in a metal box on the side of your house (commonly opposite side to the driveway), or in your front garden.
    • Once you have found the gas meter, turn off the gas meter by rotating the valve 90 degrees to the horizontal off position.
    • The meter is off when the handle is at a right angle to the pipe.
    • Contact your gas retailer in case you don’t know or can’t locate your meter and service valve on your property.

    Also, practise the below-mentioned to make sure you and your family remain safe.

    • Open up all doors and windows.
    • Refrain from lighting matches or cigarette lighters.
    • Refrain from lighting candles.
    • Refrain from smoking.
    • Refrain from turning on or off the light switches or anything electrical.

    Video Of How We Test For Gas Leaks

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    If you suspect a gas fault within your Eastern suburbs home and want to know how to detect a gas leak before we get to site, we recommend the soapy water leak test which allows for an easy and often obvious sign of a minor gas leak through soapy bubbles.

    The soapy water leak test allows for tell-tale gas leak soap bubbles that are indicative of a gas leak. You just coat all of the gas transmission gear (pipes, hoses & valves) with soapy water and then pressurise the system. If you see gas leak soap bubbles or smell rotten eggs, you know you have a leak.

    To make the solution for the soap test for a gas leak, simply mix dish detergent with water. The soap can be put in a spray bottle or placed in a bowl for sponging on. Dish washing soap is formulated to make lots of bubbles so it works better for the soap test gas leak.

    How Is A Gas Leak Repaired?

    To detect gas leaks in your property, our gas plumbing professional will make use of ‘bubble leak’ and gas leak detection devices. The gas leak may be in a connection, section of pipe, within the gas appliance itself or elsewhere on the property. Once the source of the gas leak has been detected, the appropriate method for repairing the gas leak is determined and accordingly an action is taken for gas leak repairs.

    Detecting and repairing gas leaks is the first crucial step in making your property safe again, and in the long term, attending to gas leaks swiftly means you save money by not paying inflated gas bills due to leaking gas. At Proximity Plumbing we have certified and experienced plumbers as well as the latest gas leak detection equipment for detecting leaks and repairs quickly. We’ll not only ensure that you and your property remain safe but also protect you from getting inflated gas bills.

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